F.A.Q’s & Fees

Frequently Asked Questions & Appeal Process Steps


F.A.Q & Appeal Process Steps


Are you a service provided by the Revenue?

While we are a service, we are totally independent to the Revenue. We are not involved in the price of the VRT you pay, or booking

VRT Appointments. We provide a service that appeals the price of VRT you have paid to try to win you a VRT Rebate.

What are your fees?

Currently we charge a 20 euro administration fee up front. We also charge a tiered fee based on successful rebates. Don’t worry! We deduct the 20 euro fee you paid from all successful VRT appeals fees.

What are Tiered Fees?

Tiered fees are as follows. We charge the following commission on successful rebates: 

Tier One – 20% of winning rebate of amount up to €400

Tier Two – 25% of winning rebate of amount from €400 – €600

Tier Three – 30% of winning rebate of amount €600 upwards

There are no additional fees for any unsuccessful appeals.

Although you may be able to avoid these fees and appeal yourself, we employ a variety of factors into every appeal to ensure the rebate you receive will be the maximum possible. We would often, in a sense, pay our own fee due to winning you the largest possible rebate with our expertise rather than you doing it yourself and potentially winning back a smaller rebate. This also is a relatively cost free way of saving you the hassle of paperwork and trying to win an appeal. We have a proven track record and an experienced team.

What does my 20 euro Admin fee get me?

This cost goes towards you getting your own tax agent assigned to your claim. This agent will be in touch throughout the process to keep you in the loop. This tax agent will review your case and either A.- Process and send an appeal on your behalf to the Revenue for review or B. – Determine you paid the best possible VRT rate and not proceed to the Revenue with your appeal. The decision on whether your appeal can be taken to the Revenue will be taken by our team of experts and if you paid the best rate we will provide the reasons for this.


How long does this whole process take?

From the moment you submit your form, you will receive an update within 7 – 10 working days. If we think we can win your appeal, we will send your appeal to the Revenue for their review. Usually the Revenue come back within 20 working days (although sometimes this can take a little longer) with an outcome.

What do I need to do once you have confirmed you have sent my appeal to the Revenue?

All you need to do is just wait for your letter to come through your door with the outcome. The outcome of the appeal whether it is successful or not, is down to the revenues decision. But we give our clients the best possible chance of winning a rebate and have a high success rate as you will see below. If successful, all you need to do then is just email us a picture of the letter. We also get a copy of these letters direct from the Revenue. We will validate it and trigger direct payment to you from the Revenue. We will then invoice you for our fee as mentioned above (minus our admin fee). This provides complete transparency between you and us.

How successful have you been with winning people back rebates?

Thanks to a variety of factors, such as a team of experienced experts, a strong working relationship with the Revenue and employing a wide range of factors into every appeal, we have a success rate of over 90% with the appeals we send to the Revenue.

I still have some questions, can I speak to someone?

Of course, to request a call back just let us know HERE.